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Babu is about love and relationships—the joy of life. No one is alone; we all depend on others. Each carving tries to show the beauty of these loving relationships. They depict the interdependence of individuals – how we are bound to one another.


Babu began working in stone while living in Kenya. Babu is Terry Ferguson’s African name. It means grandfather in Swahili. After 30 years carving wooden birds and animals, stone brought a renewed enthusiasm and prolific output. Drawing on his African surroundings and lifetime experience, his initial works were birds and animals. But, he was captivated by the beauty of the twisting, flowing abstracts of The Makonde ebony carvers. In 1989 he began experimenting with abstract figures in the Makonde style.


Initial shaping is done with a hacksaw, chisels and knives.  Curves and shaping are done with rasps and files. Smooth glossy finishes are obtained by wet sanding the finished sculpture. Babu creates unique patinas using a variety of stains, waxes, acrylics and urethanes. Expertise in patination from 30 years of wood finishing has been applied to his sculpture. Now his works may be prized as much for patina as for form.


Serpentine stone is his preferred medium. In 1993 he purchased several tons of serpentine and since has has worked primarily in serpentine stone. Today he concentrates on three themes - mother and child, loving couples and abstract family groups with occasional whimsical pieces.


Serpentine is the state stone of California and is also found in Texas. Serpentine is sometimes referred to as marble, but marble is metamorphic calcium carbonate and serpentine is sedimentary magnesium silicate. It is easier to carve than marble. Babu sculptures range from a few inches to three feet tall and are found in homes and offices throughout the US and Canada. The family theme is a favorite for attorneys and doctors offices. Babu is semi retired. His most recent awards were First Place for Sculpture at the 2013 Norman, OK Mayfair and Best 3-D at the 2013 Sioux City, IA ArtSplash. He is a member of the Michigan Guild of Artists and author of Yes You Can … Carve Stone.


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